Monday, August 29, 2011

Eco candle from Bali Indonesia

Who does not like candles, event though we are live in 20th Century, we still need its light to soothing our mind, keep us relax and also perfect decor item for our home.

I love the exotic and charming candles collections from Natural Light Company. Co. The Company is globally headquatered in Bali Indonesia. Their policy are to  sell their own unique, decorative designs which are influenced by the natural environment of Bali; classic designs in fine art; and by current trends in home d├ęcor, fashion and home fragrances. 

The company are lead by Kelly Marciano and her creative team to produce more than 600 unique designer candles for fine retailers, hotels, spas and private-labeled corporate gifts. 

One of their  collection that I love is...

Banana leaf collections, its perfect for any theme home decor. This collection get UNESCO award 2008.

and other is...Open Weave collection...its classic, simply modern but still have the touch of traditional woven technique. Perfect for any occasion.

The unique touch of Natural Light Company.Co are, their collection is hand painted and crafted by high skill level of traditional artisans which are unique to Bali. This is one of their environmental and social responsibility.

For more info you can visit at, their well be happy to assist you if you have any enquiries.

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