Friday, February 25, 2011

♠♠ H is for Home for Vintage Lover & Collector ♠♠

Hi Vintage Lover & Collector!

I have some good news for you, tired looking for vintage items that you already have? Or you need something different from all your collection.I find this wonderful shop full of vintage items that I believe you dont want to missed it. This shop call H is for home. The shop owner Adelle Robinson & Justin Keefe guaranty that they stock high quality objects crafted by independent designer/makers and source vintage items dating from all periods - 17th century to the present day. Here are some of H is for Home Collection. 
I love all their items.

Also read their blog, from there you can find alot of information such as new product and  featured designer or artist. Want to know more about them, you can visit their SHOP. Get inspired with their collection!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

♥♥ Shabby Lovely Bundle of Inspiration ♥♥

Enjoy this beautiful bundle of lovely photography by Karen, she is interior stylist from Pennsylvania. She was specialize in hand painted vintage furniture, romantic home decor, embellished clothing & purses, vintage jewelry , antiques, and all things romantic & beautiful. All  the photography that you will see below are all her creation. 
I love her work because it brings inspiration and interpretations about romanticism and lovely decor around us.

Karen is also selling her creation, you can purchase it at her Ebay store. Thank you Karen for sharing this lovely photography. Love your work! For decor lover, I hope you will find what you need to get more creative and inspired home decor.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

♥♥♥ Guppies with Love Decor ♥♥♥

This morning I was clean my cute and small aquarium☺  , which made of glass jar from Prego pasta sauce which I already used the sauce to made my favorite dishes.
Just want to share because Iam decor lover so I decided to decor my aquarium to make my little guppies  feel comfortable in their small home. 

Here you can see my small aquarium. Yes the guppies are there! Haven't decided yet their name at the moment.

I decorate the jar with my handmade accessories, using faux blue pearl, glass beads and silver plated chain. Then there is a little bird clip. Imagen that little bird are stoping by to say Hi! to the guppies. Some simple plant to made some cozy and green felling.

Finally I put some mix of stone chips, maybe you wonder why the watter is blue. Well, I put some aquarium salt in it. The salt are in blue color, so it made blue water. Dont worry its safe for the guppies. 

Now the aquarium are in my work desk, I just love to see it happily swimming in their small home.Bring so much inspiration to my day.

Shabby Pretty Labeling !

I just can't wait to shared this pretty idea with you all!
This simple picture from Country Living - "In Good Order". Made me think that I didn't realize before, how labeling can be so pretty and fun. You can made your own labeling use your sticker paper or colorful card stock with your computer. Another idea is made some hand made label with some freehand drawing and writing. Lovely!

Country Living "In Good Order", show us how kitchen pantry is now in order after used this pretty and fun label.

Little secret garden under glass!

Have you ever feeling bored sometime? How about Me?...
Well, yes off course sometime I feel bored too. When all the home decor you see, all feel the same and dull. Need "something" to make it feel...LIVE, GREENER, FRESHER! Well, I find this fantastic idea to brings mine and your secret garden fantasy into our home with style.

The technique call terrariums, according to The Terrarium Man a terrarium is a miniature landscape with living plants and even sometimes small animals like lizards or turtles.
Interesting right? Well, before I get more excited...please check this out inspirational terrariums images from Country Home - Life Under Glass

What do you think? Intrested isn't it?!
Cant wait to make my own terrariums, well check out this cool website, how to make your own terrarium for beginners. Here "The Terrarium Man" share all his tips, idea and giude to make your own terrariums. 
And here are some of My Favorite vase or glass ware from IKEA, that you can use to make your own terrariums.

CYLINDER, Vase/bowl 





Share your ideas and comment about terrariums, if you already have terrariums..please share your tips and guide with us!

I almost forgot..Happy Valentine day everybody! Love you all.

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