Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Free Download and Creative Craft From Your Computer

Hi! welcome to Pretty Inspired Living! This first day of July I want to start new section in my Blog. Its craft section! Today craft project is CREATIVE CRAFT FROM YOUR COMPUTER. I will focus to made some easy transfer paper project that you can easly apply for your home decor improvement.Its easy, save money and I believe you will get beautiful result.

First tools you will need are computer, transfer paper, scissors, iron and textile (For best result I recomend you to use cotton textile). Why computer? Why not? Here in Pretty Inspired Living, I will take my readers to think out of the box! You can use your computer to made some project where you can be the designer.

Still dont have any idea to start some new design? Dont worry, here are some tips for you to start.

For the first design tips is we can use words, phrase, your favorite quote, poem, or clip art, family picture etc.Depent on Where you want to put it? Is it in the cushion? curtain? or pillow case? tablecloth? where you want to put your creation later? Is it in your bedroom? kitchen? living room?

Example if you want to apply your easy iron project at your cushion for living room, you can add words like "HOME SWEET HOME" or "cozy". Or you can use your favorite clip art from your computer collection. For clip art becareful with copyrigt terms.Except you made your own clip art. Well, you can play with your imagination.

Basic Iron-on Instructions

Creating iron-on transfers is a simple project. Computer software is available to print onto transfer paper, or you can simply photocopy your design onto the paper. Keep in mind that letters and words need to be printed in reverse to transfer correctly.
What You'll Need:
-- Transfer images
-- Iron
-- Fabric to be embellished (cotton works best)
-- Bedsheet
-- Scissors
How to Make It:
1. Cut out the pictures, words, or phrases. Turn the iron onto its highest heat setting with the steam off.
2. Fold the bedsheet and lay it on the ironing board. Set the fabric on the sheet and position the transfer on the fabric.
3. Run the iron over the transfer for several seconds (follow the manufacturer's instructions).
4. Peel off the backing.

*Source: Better home and garden

Here are some other tips that you can use for your home decor D.I.Y project.

Customize a Canvas

Nothing adds personality to a room faster than displaying your favorite photos. Creating a display like this one is a surprisingly simple two-step process.
1. Print out scanned versions of your photos onto water-slide decal transfer paper.
2. Attach them to black stretched canvases, which can be purchased at art supply or craft stores. Many sizes are available and come already mounted on easy-to-hang wood frames.
* Better home and garden

Dish It Up

Give glasses and plates a sunny disposition with fresh blossoms.
How to Make It:
1. For each glass or plate, print small flower images onto water-slide decal transfer paper. Trim closely around each image with a crafts knife or scissors.
2. Soak the cutouts in a shallow pan according to the instructions provided with the transfer paper.
3. After a few minutes, the paper backing peels away from the image, leaving a gummy layer that will adhere to the glasses.
4. Press the decals into place.
5. Bake the plates for a glazed finish.
6. To protect the images, coat glasses and plates with water-based clear varnish. The items should be washed by hand.
* Better home and garden

Here are some design sample that I made, you can use it to start this craft project. Its "FREE DOWNLOAD", high resolution, size a4 for inhouse printing. Save the picture by click your right mouse button and save the picture to your computer. Enjoy it!

For colors printing maybe the result will not the same with the color on your computer, dont worry you still can adjust your printer color set up to get closer result.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Welcome to the barnyard!

Get inspired by shabby chic, vintage and country living look with "hard to resist" barnyard animal decor! They all animal that we love a horse, cow, rooster, pig and sheep. This charming decor item will be perfect for everyday use and in every room of your house.

Pig bookends
 This charming pig bookends help books lover to decor their favorite corner, design legacy's cast iron duo. You can get for $70 for set, made by Open House living; 215-922-1415.

This red cherry drinkware's get all your favorite barnyard on it. Great for everyday use or special occasion like family gathering.  Design by fishseddy, get more of their product by visit their website.

Horse Pillow

Cozy up and inspired by horse pillow that warming up your favorite corner. You can get $80, 22" square at

Rosster Vase
 This are my favorite, with stunning design by Laura Zindel's earthenware it sure will rule any roost!
The price is $165, 4 1/2"W x 11"H, for more info and latest product visit

Vintage Milk Can Vase
 I like to recycle things, some decor item can come from reused item. Great example are this Vintage Milk Can Vase. Produce by Park Hill's repro of vintage milk can doubles as an adorable vase or candle holder.
You can get it at $6.99, BitterSweet Flowers, 608-782-3276. 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Get Wow with Painted Furniture

Sometime if you get bored with old pattern on your old furniture and next you think you want to do something about it. But you dont have any idea how it will look, well be dare and experimental artist. Check this WOW! painted furniture by Mareike Scharmer. She is artist from Hamburg, Deutschland. Her creation are so bold and yet so unique and beautiful. Dont worry about color harmony, you can use some similar color to your favorite room hue or you can just add something eye cathing in your home decor.

the artist in action

Karls BildmöbelStuhl

Bildmöbel No. 4, My favorite!

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