Monday, November 22, 2010

Iam back with new begining!

Wow ! Its feel so great, after have long....long...vacation. But now iam back with fresh mind and new begining. Recently I just open my Etsy shop. If you havent heard about Etsy then I will tell you about it. Etsy its a website to sell or buy handmade. Just like ebay but this site is "just" for hand made! 

I already have wrote about items on Etsy, now its my turn. Well, my Etsy shop its sell fine handcrafted jewelry made by me. I call my shop Anita Crafts shop. I think it simple and I believe most people who already visit my shop, will remember about it. Ok, now..what kind of jewelry that I sell on Etsy. I already have two section in my shop. One is children jewelry which I made it with wooden beads in rainbow colors. Second section is fine earings, all the items that you see in my shop, is guaranty design and handmade by me. Well, I want to shared some of my working process with you. 

working with wire

after pearls, crystals and glass bead  join together

my work corner

As you can see in the picture, all material that I used is pearls, swarovski crystals, quartz, glass beads, wire, etc. All material need different treatment some hard, some soft, some shiny...but thats why I found made jewelry is something excited and once you in, you will find your own creative wonderland.

Well, picture above show you the process. now the finishing touch!

In these jewelry design, I used purple quartz, diferent size of faux pearls. I made it in set, with one rings design. I made it as hairband for bride to be. The ring is adjustable in any size of fingers. Lately Iam so inspired by romantic and elegant colors, I think it will great for wedding jewelry.

Well, if you already visit my etsy shop, Please remember to not forget to visit my blog too. Because in my blog I will inform you about my latest handmade product, it could be jewelry or other crafts creation. Cheers!

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