Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beautiful handmade candle craft !

Warm up your decor with this idea of handmade candle craft by Martha Stewart. All candle idea is easy to made. You can made your own version with any item that you can find around your house. Example the tea cup candle, with antique tea cup that have lost their saucers still make sweet decor item when fitted with candles. I love the idea and it good for all occasion such as festive season, party and family gatthering.

Tea cup candle
blocks candle

Lace-Embellished candle

Basket weave candle

Easy Sand candle
Animal and tree candle
Shell candle

Lovely Tassel

This lovely tassel collection by Nesting Place blow me away. Its all handmade by creative women name Nester Smith. I love how she combine all the fabric into one creative creation. This lovely tassel made your  favorite corner of your home never seem so boring. 


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Style your Curtain

Boring with your room curtain style? Here are some fresh idea to makeover it.
pretty ribbon curtain for teenage bedroom
elegant curtain style for classic bedroom
classic curtain style for natural living room
modern chic style curtain for simple living room

I love to decor and sometime I get confused to get some idea.But thank's to for their brillian idea and picture. I just want to shared with you all. Hope you like it. Happy decor!

Monday, March 29, 2010

♥♥ Romantic decor for your bedroom ♥♥

Do you want to redecor your bedroom? Why not? Try this inspired romantic style decor for your idea. Lets get inspired with lovely bundle of romantic image from Karen..An interior stylist from Pennsylvania. She is specialize in hand painted vintage furniture, romantic home decor, embellished clothing & purses, vintage jewelry , antiques,and all things romantic & beautiful. You can purchase her creation at her shop in ebay. Thank you so much Karen for sharing your lovely work of art.

Now for the tips to decorate your room with romantic style :

  • If you have small space to decor, just take the essential item for the decor. Example for your bed put some two or three pillow, so your bed will not over population with it.
  • Put some lovely and lacey decor items.
  • Pick some multifunction furniture.
  • Choose color that will meld with the theme of decoration. For romantic color, you can start with pastel and some bold color for the statement.
  • Another alternative instead wall paint, you can try some romantic wallpaper to made statement to your decoration.
This pretty wallpaper is from secondhandrose collection. You can check and get more inspired from their vintage collection. Happy decor!

Tea set of wonderland

If you like to drink a cup of tea while you day dreaming, then I believe you will be inspired with Jennifer Ballantyne photo of her tea set collection. I found it so pretty and inspired. I love it! Thank you Jenni for this lovely picture.

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