Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Decor Delight!

Happy Mother's Day for every mother all around the world! For celebrate mother day, its good to gift something special to her in this special occasion. As caring and appreciation.I have an idea to celebrate mothers day, some beautiful, chic decor and some humble, simple gift idea straight from our heart that our mother will love.
Made breakfast surprise with Mothers day menu on the plate

 Surprise our mother with breakfast on the table, with mother's day menu that made by you. Set all the table decoration with her favorite table ware, colors and flowers.
table centre piece
 You can also create some fresh center piece using painted eggs and flower. 

Another idea is if you are mother, why not celebrate mothers day with invited your motherhood friends to have some out door tea party.

Have tea party outdoor with beautiful table setting
For winsome welcome, you can hang some tote with flowers on the entrance.
 For ease and eclectic style , mix your tea cups and tea pots.

 To transform a weekend afternoon into tea party for the women you admire most , begin the inspiration from the garden. Flower center piece perfect for outdoor tea party.

Choose flora print paper napkin or use cotton fabric and pinking shears. Give each guest her teacup as a party favor.

Menu Ideas, served with tea, finger food-tea sandwiches, bite-size cookies, and tiny tart-sweeten the pot.

As my promise I also add some gift idea special for mothers day.

You can made simple hand made for a gift. Heart shape-sachets, cut two heart shape of your favorite fabric, place printed sides facing each other, and sew edges, leaving space to add filling. Then fill with potpourri, stitch up and enjoy! This gift can freshen up drawers.
You can buy this charming personalized necklace with your and sibling name on it, or you can put her grand children name. This gift will made your mother or grandmother fell closed to you. This necklace are handmade, you can get at USD 38. The designer is Cara Link, she is a mother herself. You can visit her shop to buy this lovely gift.

Made some hand made personalized card, fill with caring and appreciation word for our mom. This card made by monterscake.

Made winsome wreath  made with pink peonies. Its lovely gitf for our beloved mom.

Mothersday craft and tea party picture and some review are from Country Living.
Table menu and table centre piece idea are from Better Home and Garden.


  1. This is an absolutely gorgeous collection that any mother would love to have on this special day.I love the tea cups, and those peonies are fabulous.

  2. It seems like this mother’s day party was truly a blast. Loved having a glance at these pictures. The party décor is so enchanting. We too had a dinner bash for celebrating mother’s day. My brother hosted this bash at one of prettiest Venues in NYC.

  3. Mothers day is the chance to tell your mother what she means to you.we care about our mother so we want to give some special gift to her on this is little bit hard to select but not difficult.Flowers are the perfect gift on mothers can check this website to getting variety of flower bouquets.


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