Saturday, December 18, 2010

DIY Christmast Deco!

Everybody have their own way to express their self to made this festive season special with their own way. I just found this adorable DIY deco inspiration from Flickr group call Country Living - esque.I want to shared with you all. 

What I want to shared is, you can be handy decorator for your own home. Just used your decor collection items, take them out from it case or your cupboard. Mix and match the theme, colors, size or maybe you can made some cute deco item hand made. You can find crafts idea at marthastewart. Find some simple crafts idea that can complete all your decor. Have fun! Dont be afraid to add something unique to your decor, example add some glitters.
Do you know this is a picture of kitchen window decor? How delightful this is. Decor by GryNoka

Simple yet beautiful, decor by Saidos by Concha

Kitchen table for thanksgiving, decor by Just Jolynn

Christmast is not always red, why not add blue to your decor! decor by The Custards

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